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Audio & Video Visual Equipment Solutions & Suppliers- Procurement Direct
audio visual equipment solutions- Procurement Direct
Audio Visual Solutions- Procurement Direct
Audio Video Equipment Supply- Procurement Direct
Audio Visual Solutions & Suppliers- Procurement Direct

Procurement Direct is a trusted audio visual equipment distributor to major corporations throughout Australia. Our experienced team work directly with brands and manufacturers to supply a wide range of audio visual solutions to office buildings, healthcare facilities, aged care facilities and many more. Dealing with the top brands and manufacturers directly, we will secure your business the TV and Audio equipment it needs at a wholesale rate.

Having the right audio visual equipment can make a huge difference to your business. Whether it's through a TV to showcase your latest products and services to key clients, or the latest in audio to streamline communications between departments, the right audio visual equipment can have a transformative effect. With Procurement Direct, we will do the hard work for you to supply the equipment you need at a price usually better than the big boys in town.

Using our expert team, you'll have reliable AV equipment distributors on your side. Our long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to secure wholesale prices that work for you. We work across all sectors and industries, and we will take on any job, whether it's fitting out an entire office, or upgrading some equipment in a conference room. We also work alongside IT specialists for detailed tasks, meaning we can make specific recommendations to ensure you get the functionality you require.

Our audio visual supply service includes:

  • TVs of all sizes
  • Speaker supply
  • Headphones
  • Portable audio
  • Corporate conferencing solutions
  • Home theatre supply & installations
  • Multi room audio & video distribution
  • Smart AV capabilities
  • Outdoor audio systems
  • Personal audio systems
  • Audio visual integration

To make sure you get the right TV and audio equipment for your business, contact Procurement Direct. Our team will quickly establish your needs and work to make bespoke recommendations.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, that doesn’t mean we don’t supply it!  Get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.