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Different environments and conditions can contribute to the build-up of mess. At Procurement Direct, we will make sure your organisation is perfectly positioned to ensure your floors are clean and safe. From supplying expertly designed industrial vacuum cleaners to a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies, Procurement Direct has the experience and the knowledge required to supply you with the right equipment.

Achieving optimal cleaning performance can be difficult, especially if you don't have the right cleaning supplies at your disposal. At Procurement Direct, we know just how important clean floors are to any business. Not only do they help in making a good impression, but they are vital to ensuring you comply with health and safety standards. Our team can supply you with industrial vacuum cleaners that stand up to the toughest tests, as well as commercial vacuum cleaners and a wide selection of floorcare supplies. All of which are designed to make your clean floors withstand time and ensure you maintain proper OHS. 

We can supply your business with:
• Industrial vacuum cleaners
• Domestic vacuum cleaners
• Pressure washers
• Scrubber dryers
• Outdoor floorcare
• Domestic cleaning products

Procurement Direct works across multiple industries and have supplied cleaning products to a wide range of sites, office buildings, aged care facilities and more. We utlise our direct relations with the major brands and manufacturers to effectively secure the great pricing. Whether you’re simply after a quick quote on a product the business is currently purchasing or are looking for a recommendation to withstand your requirements, we’ll make it happen.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, that doesn’t mean we don’t supply it!  Get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.